About Us

Abu Salama Society is a non-governmental non-profit organization, established in Hurghada in April 2004, and dedicated to
sustaining the natural resources of the Egyptian Red Sea.

As a non-profit organization its  major goal was the protection of the marine  and terrestrial environment on the coast of the
Red Sea. The Society conducts environmental research and community-based activities, which provide data, increase
knowledge & promote public awareness about the value of the Red Sea’s ecological systems, whilst aiming at positive
change and conservation

The society has carried out several research projects during its existence including:

Probably their most well known project, in 2006, concerning the protection of the dolphins’ habitat and its sustainable use in

In December of the same year the society also granted another fund for identification of the dolphins from the World Bank
and extended till July 2007  by Shell oil company.

In 2007, the society awarded a grant funded by World Seagrass Association for the study and monitoring of the seagrass
meadows in the southern Red Sea. This project helped in the training  of a large number of researchers from different
organizations and universities on the monitoring activity.

During 2008 most of the society’s activities were related to the development of the Bedouin community of  Wadi Al-Jemal
area in the south with help from USAID and the Red Sea governorate.

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