Abu Salama Society is a non-governmental non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining the
natural resources of the Egyptian Red Sea.  The Society conducts scientific monitoring programs,
environmental research and community-based activities, which provide data, increase knowledge
and promote public awareness about the value of the Red Sea’s ecological systems aiming at
positive change and conservation



Why become a member Abu Salama Society?

Become part of a dedicated Environmental Society that is committed to nature conservation of the Red Sea.
By participating in Abu Salama’s Society activities, individuals and organizations worldwide can benefit from
preserving the natural resources of the Red Sea.

Increase your knowledge about the Red Sea environment.
The protection of delicate marine and desert ecosystems of the Red Sea can only be accomplished by
maintaining balance between it and the needs of a booming tourism industry largely dependent on unique
natural resources.  By participating in awareness activities and receiving our periodicals, e-Newsletters,
brochures, flyers and our annual activity report, you will increase your knowledge about the value of the
Red Sea’s ecological systems and the need for positive change and conservation.

Be an active partner in the environmental efforts in the Red Sea.
Abu Salama Society provides a national venue for networking, communicating and learning amongst its
members.  The Society provides contacts and communication avenues to diverse parties from across the
world thus offering opportunities to establish partnerships within the private sector on many scales.

Participate in volunteer activities and be a role model in your community.
No matter how much time and effort you can dedicate to Red Sea nature conservation, as a member of Abu
Salama Society you will always have a variety of ongoing environmental efforts to participate in. We will
ensure that your contributions are highlighted in order to create a role model of community participation for
a better and healthier Red Sea environment.

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